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  • Joseph Cima
    commented 2020-06-24 16:57:58 -0400
    I am a teacher who is concerned about WEP. What can I do to fight this so I can get the few hundred dollars to add to my small pension so my family can live better?
  • Joseph Sanders
    commented 2020-06-23 16:19:26 -0400
    Dear John,

    My name is Joe Sanders. I am a former West Orange resident, West Point ’76 graduate, and served during your Mayoral administration as a volunteer on the Oral History Project back in 1999 where you honored veterans after your inspiring trip to Normandy. (Sorry for the run on sentence.)

    The reason for this message is to belatedly thank you for your inspiring leadership and for offering me the opportunity to serve. I have a blog site at and I will soon be posting a story about my experience serving as a volunteer while you were our West Orange mayor. The story will be posted before July 4, 2020 and I hope you can read it and enjoy it!

    Best wishes to you for continued health and success!

    Joseph R. Sanders

    LTC®, US Army
  • Mel Thomas
    commented 2020-06-19 11:02:15 -0400

    This is Melika and I am a qualified photographer and illustrator.

    I was confused, frankly speaking, when I came across my images at your website. If you use a copyrighted image without my consent, you should be aware that you could be sued by the copyrigh owner.

    It’s against law to use stolen images and it’s so mean!

    Take a look at this document with the links to my images you used at and my earlier publications to obtain evidence of my legal copyrights.

    Download it now and check this out for yourself:

    If you don’t remove the images mentioned in the document above within the next few days, I’ll write a complaint against you to your hosting provider stating that my copyrights have been infringed and I am trying to protect my intellectual property.

    And if it doesn’t work, you may be pretty damn sure I am going to report and sue you! And I will not bother myself to let you know of it in advance.
  • Nicholas Verdi
    commented 2020-06-03 12:07:02 -0400
    Dear Assemblyman McKeon – i am extremely concerned with the way Governor Murphy has addressed the needs of small business reopening in this State , i am very dissatisfied with him and MOST OF ALL the Assembly bill No. 4175 , if those gets voted in you will most likely be losing a lifelong Essex county democratic voter
  • Linda Sperco
    commented 2020-05-18 23:31:39 -0400
    Dear Assemblyman McKeon

    I am a small business owner and while the state’s shutdown of non-essential businesses has been economically disastrous to me and my family, I applaud and support Governor Murphy’s actions because no one can put a price on our health.
    However, I am concerned that my type of business does not seem to have a place in the plans to re-open our economy.
    I am the sole proprietor of a dog training business specializing in teaching competitive dog sports. When will I be allowed to re-open?
    My classes are small; I have a maximum of six students in a class. This type of business naturally lends itself to social distancing; I teach the steps to a skill and then step back and observe and coach as each of my students follow my directions. I have a COVID-19 plan that includes social distancing, face covering requirements, disinfectant procedures and more.

    When will I be allowed to re-open? How will I know when I will be allowed to re-open?

    Thank you for your time. Please don’t let my type of business fall through the cracks.

    Best regards,

    Linda Sperco

    Linda Sperco

    Blue Ribbon Dog Sports Coaching

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  • valentina amoriello
    commented 2020-05-12 13:55:37 -0400
    I lost my job and health insurance due to the covid crisis. I have been waiting approx. 7 weeks for unemployment. I can not get through by phone and I don’t know what to do about my bills. My claim status says “Filed” with a dollar amount but I haven’t received a dime, nor has any
  • Sondra Paulson
    commented 2020-05-11 11:54:44 -0400
    I am extremely concerned that what started as a medical problem will lead to an death of communities and small businesses. Additionally, the amount of depression and addiction that is being stimulated by the lack of socialization is detrimental so many of our citizens. Please start to allow people to meet in small groups, especially addiction recovery meetings and support groups. The amount of people that will die from overdose and suicide will be due to immeasurable stress that has been inflicted due to these isolation orders. PLEASE start to open up socialization for people. Require masks and social distancing, but let people socialize for their sanity. As a mother of a recovering addict I see what this is doing to people, we must have a balanced approach. This is getting to be too much. Please.
  • Timothy Murray
    commented 2020-04-26 11:28:10 -0400
    I am a supporter of you and of the Governor, but the shut down needs to wind down. Please show us a plan for when there will be enough testing and antibody testing to start opening back up. And a plan for what can open soon. For example county parks might be something that can be opened first. You have access to more and better opinions than mine about what exactly should open first, but please show us a plan.

    I am almost certain that I contracted COVID19 on a flight from Miami to Newark several weeks before the acknowledged first case in NJ and have repeatedly been told by doctors that in NJ there is no way to get antibody testing to find out if I really had it. In NY the governor announced expansion on antibody testing. Could we get that on our side of the river please.
    Also the emergency unemployment for gig workers is taking forever with very little information on status of claims.
  • Vicki Jakubovic
    commented 2020-04-22 16:19:08 -0400
    Pls help the self-employed collect unemployment relief during COVID 19- the system is not working for us. TY, Vicki Jakubovic
  • Gregory White
    commented 2020-04-13 16:20:13 -0400
    Governor Murphy has stated he supports rental relief for tenants up to three months yet local and State governments are silent about the collection of property taxes. Do the politicians think homeowners are clueless?
  • Judith Tiernan
    commented 2020-03-26 10:34:12 -0400
    Regarding Governor Murphy’s recent freeze of expenditures in the state budget, I am dismayed that the “Senior Freeze” Property Tax Reimbursement program has been included in the list of spending cuts. I am a senior citizen of limited means and found this benefit most helpful. I am hoping the decision to remove this benefit might be rescinded, and am asking for your assistance.
  • Lenny Mandel
    commented 2019-12-16 09:44:16 -0500
    I am opposed to S-2173 and I hope you are also. Removing freedom of choice regarding vaccines is disrespecting religious values of your constituents. It is unAmerican and un-New Jersey and goes against our Constitution. Medically, one size does not fit all. This bill is wrong on many levels. I voted for you and trust you are realistic and will vote “No” on S 2173. Please speak with Ms Jasey. She needs to respect her constituents and the American Constitution as well. Thank you.
  • Lenore Koster
    commented 2019-12-13 22:08:27 -0500
    I am opposed to S-2173 and I hope you are also. Removing freedom of choice regarding vaccines is disrespecting religious values of your constituents. It is unAmerican and un-New Jersey and goes against our Constitution. Medically, one size does not fit all. This bill is wrong on many levels. I voted for you and trust you are realistic and will vote “No” on S 2173. Please speak with Ms Jasey. She needs to respect her constituents and the American Constitution as well. Thank you.
  • Lenore Koster
    commented 2019-12-13 22:08:26 -0500
    I am opposed to S-2173 and I hope you are also. Removing freedom of choice regarding vaccines is disrespecting religious values of your constituents. It is unAmerican and un-New Jersey and goes against our Constitution. Medically, one size does not fit all. This bill is wrong on many levels. I voted for you and trust you are realistic and will vote “No” on S 2173. Please speak with Ms Jasey. She needs to respect her constituents and the American Constitution as well. Thank you.
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  • Jeffrey Hastings
    commented 2019-12-03 15:48:38 -0500
    RE: AB4743: It’s wrong to give illegal immigrants any privileges so giving them drivers licenses will not only reward illegal presence but will give them a document they can use to commit fraud. Please oppose this bill.
  • Kimberly Alfano
    commented 2019-11-25 13:40:32 -0500
    Dear Legislators,

    I am contacting you to request a positive modification of the New Jersey Affordable Housing Act which was strongly suggested by Judge Mary C. Jacobson. I do not believe that my town should be forced to build High-Density Housing in Hanover Township.

    It is time to take Affordable Housing decisions out of the State Judges roll and put it back in the hands of the New Jersey State Legislature. Since the passage of the Affordable Housing Act in 1975, many things have changed, and many decisions have been quietly made without the input of New Jersey Municipalities and its citizens. One major point of the Act stated that the citizens of New Jersey would not be affected financially by this law. However, as we have all witnessed, the citizens of New Jersey have certainly been financially impacted. Another part of the Act quietly came into effect with the “Builders Remedy” allowing the developers to override the zoning of virtually every municipality in New Jersey. The developer could build 20% affordable housing units, as small as a one-bedroom apartment, and then build 80% market-rate homes. This too greatly affected the taxpayers of New Jersey through an increase in the need for more public schools, teachers, school administrators, school maintenance costs, public works employees, fire, and police. Another important impact was the fact that many municipalities did not have the appropriate infrastructure that included critical public water and sewer systems. Municipalities without appropriate infrastructure were forced to negotiate with other municipalities for these items which also greatly increased the financial costs to the New Jersey taxpayers.

    We agree that there should be an Affordable Housing Act in New Jersey. We also feel that in order to do this the New Jersey State Legislature should work very closely with each of the 565

    municipalities in New Jersey and organizations such as Citizens Improving Affordable Housing to make this advantageous to all citizens of New Jersey.

    Please respond to me about how you plan to address these issues. The following dormant bills would improve the Affordable Housing. Bills A5137, A1650/ACR79, A4333, ACR188, and A1648 must be moved forward in the New Jersey State Legislature. The persons who have initiated these bills will certainly agree to work with other political parties to make it acceptable to all.

    I look forward to your response as soon as possible.

  • Roberta Shields
    commented 2019-11-02 15:22:40 -0400
    To Assemblywoman Jasey and Assemblyman McKeon,

    I hope that you both realize that the League of Humane Voters of NJ not only endorses you both because of your strong support for animal protective legislation, but notes that Extraordinary legislators (a designation which they also apply to you both!) are listed in bold type!

    Your votes mean a lot and people do care and vote accordingly. I’ll be going to the polls on Tuesday and am proud to be voting for, and represented by you.

    With thanks,
  • James Shinners
    commented 2019-10-27 00:23:37 -0400
    What is your position on the Constitutional Amendment to give veterans tax benefits to vets living in continuing care facilities?

    Would this reduce the cost for these veterans or only benefit the facility?

    If favorable, can’t this be done via legislation instead of a Constitutional Amendment?
  • Gail Chmura
    commented 2019-10-09 17:10:31 -0400
    Thank you so much for sending a letter to remind me of the Senior Tax Freeze program. Although I did not qualify in past years, I decided to look at the eligibility requirements again this year. I was happy to see that the income limit has been raised, so now I will be freezing my taxes. Every little bit helps us retired teachers! My friends who live in different districts said that they did not get a letter from their assemblymen. I have always felt that you and Assemblywoman Jasey really look out for your constituents and here is more proof. Thank you again!
  • Eileen Proven
    commented 2019-06-06 16:18:56 -0400
    Hello Assemblyman McKeon,
    I saw that you are not in favor of the New Jersey tax on those making over 1 million dollars a year. I am asking you to please support this tax. Our state needs revenue to pay for infrastructure, schools, and property tax relief. I don’t understand why you are backpedaling. If you still supports it, please bring it up as a single issue bill and be the legislator we know and need you to be.

    Thank you,

    Eileen Proven

    Roseland, NJ
  • Helen Adams
    commented 2019-05-04 15:15:31 -0400
    Please do anything you can to move the bills “up the ladder” A4520/A4814 concerning the NJ rental Tax…I have been renting to the same tenant for 20 years. It is so unfair for me have him to go to a realtor and pay a commission or for me to pay the tax and then charge him. Having the Governor sign the bill (combined with the Senate bills) before the summer season would be great !!
  • Eugene Prais
    commented 2019-03-20 12:41:07 -0400
    Dear Assemblyman Mckeon:

    The justification you present for the water tax would be laughable if it weren’t for the seriousness of the cancer it represents. The logic could be easily extended to justify a tax for a new street maintenance utility, a medical waste utility , a new sanitation utility and on and on. You see they would all be justified because they protect our environment right? Then you pull the political move wherein you tell us that it will not affect us just the other guy – yea the big corporation or developer around the corner. The fact is it negatively affects everyone.

    The cancer is corrupt New Jersey politicians looking to build power based on raping the taxpayers further. How do you justify taking more money with no attempt to dramatically cut costs? At the same time, your colleagues in the corrupt Democrat party are considering a socialist living wage. This disgusts me.

    I will encourage as many as possible to not pay this tax. We must end the corrupt tyranny in New Jersey and you will hopefully learn what a real resist movement is.


    Eugene Prais

    West Milford
  • Ray Greaves
    commented 2019-03-15 11:47:57 -0400
    Thank you for supporting Governor Murphys budget that includes a millionaire tax.

    As Chairman of the ATU we appreciate your leadership and for standing up for working families and commuters who depend on affordable, safe, reliable mass transit.

    Ray Greaves


    ATU NJ State Council
  • Albert Brooks
    commented 2019-03-03 17:34:45 -0500
    I find it amazing that you want to bar someone from being on an election ballot because they won’t reveal their tax return. First and foremost President Trump, and trying to bar his name from being on the ballot for president of the Unite States. So the state of New Jersey wants to bar me for voting for the candidate of my choice in a national election. “I’d like to see the tax returns of the people who entered office making an average salary but, left earning millions!” Tax returns are not public record; they are private! That includes people in public office. Stop with the Trump hating and lets start working for America, New Jersey and we the people.
  • Maureen Hoehn
    commented 2018-06-16 10:46:45 -0400
    The town of East Hanover needs your help. There is an important meeting June 25. Kushner company trying to build 600 units on Mondelez property. our infrastructure can’t support that.
  • James Baker
    commented 2018-06-15 10:55:01 -0400
    As a constituent and someone whose family history includes breast cancer, Alzheimer’s and high cholesterol, which has taken tolls on numerous loved ones, I urge you to sponsor a Comprehensive Health Care Billing Transparency Act, modeled after a similar measure proposed in Colorado. This bill would simply require that all healthcare providers, be they hospitals, clinics, physicians practices, etc. must

    Publish their fee schedules or other lists of charges the facilities bill for specific health care services before applying any discounts, rebates, or other charge adjustment mechanisms;

    Include in every bill sent to a patient an itemized detail of each health care service provided, the charge for the service, how any payment or adjustment by the patient’s health insurer was applied to each line item in the bill, and, for hospitals, the amount of the healthcare affordability and sustainability fee the hospital is charged;

    and In situations where an individual provides health insurance information to the facility or a provider in a facility setting, disclose whether the facility or provider participates in the individual’s health insurance plan; whether the services the facility or provider will render will be covered as an in-network or out-of-network benefit; and whether the individual will receive a service from an out-of-network provider at an in-network facility.

    These regulations are neither onerous not arbitrary for healthcare providers, and could be enforced at a small cost to the state regulatory body.

    Without price transparency, patients and insurance providers lack the ability to search around for the most affordable options for their care. This means people who are uninsured or have high-deductible insurance can be financially devastated by a single health emergency (Medical bills are actually the largest cause of bankruptcy in America). Alternatively, people will forego care if they don’t know if they will be able to afford it, and making themselves sicker in the process. In my community, I have seen modern medicine save lives, such as when my grandmother had breast cancer, and I would wish any obstacle to care, like a lack of transparent pricing, be eliminated. Thank you for your consideration and please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this issue further.
  • Yami Gupta
    commented 2018-06-12 03:25:57 -0400
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